Gems For The Connoisseur

This exclusive gem selection is put together with passion and expertise. No attempt has been made to hit quantity targets, the idea is to allow true gem lovers to review some fine gems at one single point on the internet. It is indeed sad that, most gem providers have turned to jewelry for their revenue. The lack of interest in selling loose gems has made it tougher, for gem buyers looking for unique and interesting gems. At Siamhin we do not swear that, we will never dab around in jewelry but do commit ourselves, to continue to be the finest online source for exclusive gemstones from around the world. 

Our team is constantly combing mining locations and major gem markets all over the globe. We pick what we think will interest the knowledgeable gem lover. Not all gems that we present in the collection are extravagantly priced, interest value and rarity are given higher importance as compared to price. We are as excited about gems and developments in this sector, as our buyers and look froward to making the Siamhin project, useful and interactive. If there is any gem that you are keen to procure but, not showcased on our website, please email our team at with details of your requirement. Our constant connection with almost every major gem sourcing location in the world, gives us direct access to just about every gem that you can imagine. We can update you regarding availability, quality, price and delivery times the moment we find your much desired gems.