Cute Cat Rings, Gems Of Your Choice

A cute silver cat ring from Siamhin, good craftsmanship and custom cut gemstone for your cat ring. The cat ring can be ordered with the gemstone of your choice and this, opens up a whole range of exciting options. The affordable price for this silver gemstone ring, helps you make an easy self purchase decision. And if you know of a cat or animal lover who happens to be near and dear to you, share the happiness and buy her this amazing cat ring as a gift.

Our talented design team feels that, the intricate details as depicted on the cat ring are better enhanced when some tarnish sets on the metal. Keeping this in mind, we have left this silver ring un-plated. You can use any jewelry grade, silver polish, lotion or fabric to polish the ring when it begins to tarnish. Much of the detailed look of the ring will be lost if it is plated with rhodium or gold. So while this is an option that you can request for, we would recommend that you do not go for the plating.

With such a wide selection of gems to choose from, we would suggest that you take some time to make your choice. Color is the feature that most cat ring buyers use to pick the gem but, this is surely not the only interesting option. The tradition of birthstones is many centuries old and is widely followed even today. The belief that each one of us relates to a specific gem based on the month in which we were born, has a large following. A birthstone is decided based on the month on which a person was born, discuss this requirement with our support team and arrive at the right choice. Whether you plan to get a Siamhin 925 silver cat ring for yourself or for someone close to you, consider picking a birthstone for the jewel. This small thought can show that you truly care and mean a lot to the receiver.

All gems mentioned in this report and in the price table for the silver cat ring refer to natural gemstones. While we can provide synthetic or lab created gems on request, we will need a very clear email from you stating that, you clearly understand that the gem in your silver ring will not be a natural gem. There is no limitation on the gem that you can choose for these cat rings, specific price quotes will be provided in cases where the gem required is not mentioned in the price table. The ring is available in all sizes ranging from 5 to 9 including half sizes. Please note that this option for ring sizes is not available, when the ring is purchased at auction. You can clear any doubts that you might have by emailing our support experts.

Since we have a fully functional jewelry crafting unit, we could also custom make a cat pendant for you with the same design concept as the ring. You can choose the dimensions of the pendant, and we will suggest the optimum gem size for those dimensions.

And if you have a cat ring design that you love and wish to have the jewel crafted in gold or 925 silver, send us a sketch or image and we will work out a price quote  as per your requirements. Do keep in mind that custom made jewels, need to handle an initial design, wax carving and molding expense. Our cat rings shown on this page are priced very moderately mainly because, the mold and setup costs have already been incurred and do not add to the price tag.


Highlights Of The Cat Ring:

-      Available in gold or 925 sterling silver.

-      Request for a price quote if you need a gold cat ring.

-      All gem options even, if the gem of choice is not mentioned.

-      Available in all ring sizes from 5 to 9 US.

-      Good craftsmanship and handpicked gems.

-      No plating is done on ring, tarnish can be polished away.

-      Center gem is 6x4mm oval faceted, marcasite for the eyes.

-      The ring has a good weight of around 3.3 grams.

-      The head height of the ring is approximately 1.6cm or 16mm.


The price table below will give you a wide range of gem options for your 925 silver cat ring. Email our team if you wish to have a gem not mentioned in the table or, you require the cat ring in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. We will work a specific price quote for your requirements and email it to you. The price per ring moves down as the number of rings purchased increases. You can mix ring sizes and gems to get the price benefit of ordering multiple rings.


Buying: Before you decide to buy this or any other jewel from us, please ensure that our support team at has answered all your questions and doubts. We do not believe in operating a website that urges rapid ‘buy now’ and ‘pay now’ actions. Shipping can be through registered post or through FEDEX. Add another 10 U.S$ to the price if you prefer the normal registered post, this service does not come with a web tracking facility. Your parcel will be ready to ship within 5 to 6 working days after we receive payment, you can expect it to reach you in about 12 to 15 working days after that. Shipment through FEDEX is priced at 35 U.S$ and can handle upto 15 rings. The parcel will ship within 5 to 6 days after receipt of payment at our end, it should reach you within 3 to 5 working days after that. The advantage of FEDEX is that, both you and us can track the parcel online all through its movement until, it reaches you.

Payment: The preferred mode of payment at Siamhin is Paypal though, we also accept Western Union. However we urge you to use Paypal since it gives both you and us, the much required peace of mind. You can let us know the mode of payment that you prefer and we will provide details for the same. Please do not move to the payment stage until all your questions, have been answered by our support team.

Returns: We will accept returns only for reasons of manufacturing defects, the ring will in such cases be repaired and made to confirm with agreed specifications. It will then be shipped back to you at our cost. Please do not go ahead with the purchase if, you have any lingering doubts or worries even after, communicating with our team.