Contact Siamhin

We at Siamhin are always keen to hear from those who share our almost fanatic passion for unique gems and jewels. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are all equally welcome. One thing that we do not wish to be contacted for is merchandise, please do not try to sell us anything. We pride ourselves in being able to access and source the biggest gem resources across the globe, we keep getting better at this job with each passing day. If you really have something that you feel is suitable for our collection, it is unlikely that we will not reach you - this will happen well before you contact us. 

We will also welcome queries from those of you who wish to procure a gemstone not listed on our website. Our expertise in this field is sure to ensure that you get what you need at a fair price. Besides sourcing ready to use cut and polished gemstones,  Siamhin is also fully geared to perform complex and intricate gem cutting operations. Procuring a rough gem and getting it custom cut to your required size, shape and cut can also be accommodated. 

When sending us specific requirements for gems, please provide as much information as possible. This will ensure that we move on the right track and that, you get the gemstone of your dreams at a reasonable price. 

  • Email us at
  • Provide your phone number and location. An idea of the time convenient to you would also be useful. 
  • Let us know the preferred gem, size, shape and carat weight. 
  • Getting an idea of your budget, will enable us pick the stone that is within that range. 
  • We will need to know the country to which the stone(s) would be shipped. 
  • Your preferred mode of payment - we prefer Paypal and Western Union.