[CTN01] Citrine Trillion Gemstone, Checkerboard Cut

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Citrine the yellow variety of quartz, is the birthstone for the month of November. This yellow gem for all its beauty and durability is priced quite modestly. It is very rightly said that, a true gem connoisseur picks a gem based on a number of features and not just price. When it comes to gems like citrine and amethyst, it is fancy shapes and cuts that can impress even the most seasoned gemstone expert. Measuring in at a shade below 12mm, this trillion citrine gem cut by the expert gem artisans at Siamhin measures 11.40mm x 11.40mm. The face of this citrine gem seems to glitter much more than, you would expect a citrine to glitter. The reason is because, the cutters have meticulously cut a multi-facet checkerboard cut on the face of the gem. Wear this gorgeous citrine trillion gem in  a pendant and watch how, it attracts attention and admiration. And if you have fallen in love with this gem and wish to have a earring and pendant set, email our team at sales@siamhin.com and they will work out the details including price for you. Since the gem is not very expensive, consider investing in the set right away - this will ensure that the cut, color and shape of the trillion gems match for all the pieces. 

[CTN01] A gorgeous checkerboard cut citrine gemstone, this trillion citrine gem measures 11.4mm x 11.4mm and has a depth of 7.30mm. The weight of this gem is 4.40 carats and it is Priced at just 60 U.S$. 

This image is taken from the back side of the trillion shape [CTN01]citrine gem, it highlights the clarity of the gemstone. 

In ancient times it was widely believed that, wearing a citrine gem would bring wealth and prosperity. Analysts feel that the reference was to the color of citrine which is yellow, they related it to the color of the precious metal gold. If you ever had to combine some other gem with citrine, in a jewel - consider choosing red garnet and citrine. Many stylists feel that the yellow color of citrine is best seen when it is set in a white metal, you have white gold and silver options for this. The Indians favor another yellow gem in their traditions and custom, this is the yellow sapphire. The birthstone charts widely followed today, show citrine as the birthstone for the month of November. There are two yellow gems for the month of November, one of these is yellow topaz and the other is citrine. You might come across citrine gems with a fairly saturated, brownish-yellow color, this is referred to as Madeira citrine for an interesting reason. The gemstone with that color shade is supposed to resemble the color of a wine from Portugal, the name of the wine is 'madeira'.

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