[CTN02] Cushion Cut Citrine Gemstone

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With citrine being a moderately priced gemstone, most gem cutters and dealers prefer not to give too much thought on the cutting style and shape of this gorgeous yellow gem. This is the reason why most citrine gems that you come across are, rounds or ovals. This obviously forces designers to think in a narrow range when designing, gold or silver jewelry with citrine gemstones. Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz and is listed as the birthstone for the month of November. It is probably the yellow or 'golden' color of citrine that brought about the ancient belief that, this gemstone had the power to bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer. The belief of chakras regards citrine to be one of the best gems for the Solar plexus point. The tradition of chakras dates back to thousands of years with, 7 chakras representing 7 vital areas of the human body. The belief that citrine encourages the accumulation of wealth, gave it the name 'merchants stone' - this belief continues until this day. The practice of feng shui, attributes the flow of positive energies in various direction, to citrine. 

Siamhin gives equal importance to all natural gems and at the same time, salutes the expertise and talents of Thailand's finest gem cutters. The CTN02, is a masterpiece with a large 11x9mm size, it is a cushion cut stone with a checkerboard facet pattern on the surface. Will make a stylish ring for a lady or a handsome and reliable ring for a man. And if you are as passionate about gems as we are, consider getting a matching set of similar citrine gems to complete a gorgeous pendant, earring and ring set. There is no reason why you should not get an elegant gold or sillver citrine bracelet with these gems but, it might then be a good idea to request our team to provide you a matching set of smaller gems. 

A tremendous cushion cut citrine gem, combines the beauty of nature's fine creations with the excellence of the finest gem artisans in Thailand. Shape, size and cut that are not commonly seen in citrine. Cushion cut 4.2 carats large 11x9mm size and a fine checkerboard cut display on the face of the stone. Well proportioned with a depth of 6.8mm. Price: Very moderately priced citrine gemstone for just 75 U.S$. 

The checkerboard cut face of the gemstone is complemented by the immaculately cut facets on the base of this cushion citrine gem. This is what gives the gemstone its spectacular reflections when seen from the top. As can be seen from the above image, the stone also boasts of an impressive clarity. 

When you have an opportunity to buy a single piece handpicked and immaculately cut gemstone like this citrine gem, do not put your mind on wholesale prices. You just cannot compare this exquisitely shaped and cut citrine gem, with a conventional oval gem and look for the same price per carat. It would be like comparing a Ford pickup truck with a Mercedes Benz and wondering why, the Ford is so much cheaper despite both vehicles having just 4 wheels! Gem connoisseurs appreciate fine cutting skills and realize that, this is one feature that can add a premium to the gem price. At Siamhin we give full exposure to rare, unique and quality gems - good cut and shape are also features that we encourage and admire. 

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