[CTN03]A Big Citrine Gemstone, 20+ Carats

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Some of you might not be aware that, even the most gorgeous gemstone appears quite like an ordinary piece of rock before it is cut and polished. It requires the skills, talent and expertise of a human being to unlock the beauty of the gemstone. When a gem connoisseur admires a gemstone, he or she does not look at price alone. Knowledgeable appreciation of a gem would consider, color, external beauty, rarity, natural phenomena and the way in which the gemstone is cut. We show you a big citrine gemstone here, citrine and amethyst are both members of the quartz family and beautiful on their own way. Citrine is basically a yellow gem but, is at its best when it shows a tinge of orange in the yellow. Observe this amazing big citrine gem and you will be reminded of a burning flame, the shape, cut and color all play a part in bringing up this vision. The belief that wearing a citrine gem brings wealth and prosperity, is very ancient - it was often referred to as the 'merchant's' stone. 

The month of November boasts of two yellow birthstones, one is yellow topaz and the other is citrine. Though citrine is not very expensive, this gem gets a premium boost if it is cut and shaped in a unique fashion. One of Thailand's highly skilled gem artisans, spent several days to think of and cut this amazing gem. When you cut a gem, the orientation of the cut, the angle of faceting and even the dimensions need to be decided well before the first cut is made. A slight error can ruin a valuable stone and the perfect cut can add tremendous value to the stone. You could choose this stunning large citrine gem for a unique one-of-a-kind pendant or, combine it with matching gems for a pair of earrings. Since we at Siamhin can custom cut just about any gem for you, discuss with our team if you wish to have a matching set of citrine or any other gem for that matter. 

A fancy shape inspired by the conventional marquise cut stone for this big 22 carat citrine gemstone. Impressive dimensions at 21.40mm x 16.80mm with a depth of 12mm. Priced at just 600 U.S$. 

The large dimensions for this citrine dimensions are supported by a proportionate 12mm depth. Will make a tremendous big citrine pendant in gold or 925 silver, we can match this gem with a smaller pair for earrings. 

The spectacular glitter that you see from the face of this large citrine gem, is partially brought about by these immaculately cut facets at the back of the gemstone. Basically every surface besides the table on the face of the gem is adorned with perfectly angled and placed cuts and facets. 

A bit citrine gemstone fit to be displayed in a well guarded museum. A well cut gemstone is all about facets, their angles, their size and their critical placements. Scientifically you could say that, the skilled gem cutter is more like a dance instructor, training the light that enters the stone from the top. As can be seen from the facets on the front, sides and bottom of this big citrine gem, light is not allowed to simply enter the stone from the top and exit from the bottom - that would be just too boring to watch. A well cut gem tosses, deflects and reflects the entering light in specifically controlled directions and lengths. This causes the  right amount of light to bounce back out of the top of the gem while, a small portion of the light seeps out from the bottom of the stone. It is this well trained and practiced dance of light that, brings out the true beauty of a cut and polished gemstone. And if you find all this explanation and description to be too complicated to understand, forget it - just admire this spectacular citrine gemstone. 

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