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Another page full of Siamhin handpicked gemstones, unique pieces that will appeal to the quality conscious gem lover. You will notice by the wide price range that our gems cover that, the idea is not to solely expensive gems. We wish to promote gemstones with unique features in terms of rarity, size, inclusions, natural phenomena etc. We are also passionate about gems with a long history or interesting folklore attached to them. With a network that extends across continents and covers virtually every gem mining center on earth, we can also procure gems that are specifically requested by visitors to our website. However we do not wish to place ourselves as another gem seller in the market, so get in touch with us when you need one of these truly hard to find gemstones. 

We can also custom cut a complete matching set of gemstones, for a jewelry set that might consist of ring, earrings, pendant and bracelet. We do craft single piece jewels based on customer designs but, these are high end pieces that cannot be bought or sold at per gram or by weight deals. Contact our support team at with any questions or product queries that you might have. We will be glad to help and accommodate as many requests as possible. 

A stunning 3.68 carat heated natural yellow sapphire from Madagascar. Large 10x8mm oval with a depth of 4.7mm. Very good clarity, something that is not normally experienced in large sapphire gems like this one. Moderately priced at just 490 U.S$, handpicked by Siamhin expert gemstone buyers ... more.

A tremendous 11.4 x 9.3mm oval yellow sapphire gemstone. This big sapphire has a depth of 4.3mm and an impressive weight of 4.3 carats. Another fine gem from the Siamhin collection, the gem has good color and high clarity, ideal for a high end jewel. Attractively priced, you pay just 850 U.S$ ... more