Gems From Siamhin - (I)

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While we could have filled this website with a virtually unlimited quantity of gems, we have chosen to be very selective. We have not made any attempt to satisfy every gem buyer but have instead, decided to build a collection that will always interest true gem lovers. Expect this collection to develop gradually, we normally get informed about some unique gems and then move to procure them. Price is not the only factor for selection, gems that are rare, pieces that are unique in certain respects and even large gem sizes of popular gems are what excites us. If there is nothing of special interest in a gem, the stone is unlikely to get our attention.

As we keep sourcing such exclusive gemstones, we obviously come across most of the big mine operators across the globe. This brings us directly into contact with some of the biggest gem resources in both rough and cut and polished form.

[GT01] A gorgeous oval green tourmaline natural gemstones. This oval green tourmaline has a color that is better described as yellowish-green. The gem has a substantial weight of 2.3 carats and impressive dimensions of 9.70mm x 8.25mm with a depth of 4.5mm. Very modestly priced at just 150 U.S$ .... more

[CTN01] A trillion citrine gem with a mesmerizing checkerboard cut . Measuring a hefty 11.40mm x 11.40mm, this trillion citrine has a depth of 7.20mm and a proportionate weight of 4.4 carats. Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November. You can own this tremendous citrine gem for just 60 U.S$ ... more

[CTN02] A big citrine gemstone, cushion 11x9mm with a checkerboard cut on the face of the gem. Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November, and has a long tradition of folklore attached to it. An awesome 4.2 carat immaculately cut citrine cushion gem stone, priced very moderately at just 75 U.S$ ... more

[SBT01] A stunning swiss blue topaz gemstone, this heart shaped gem measures 12mm x 12mm and has a depth of 7.70mm. The gem weighs in at 7.7 carats. An immaculately cut big heart topaz handpicked by our experts. The gem is priced at just 75 U.S$, a very good price for such an excellent gemstone ... more

[RGN01] A big marquise red garnet gemstone, unusually large garnet measuring 15.7mm x 9.7mm  with a depth of 5.40mm. This marquise garnet weighs a healthy 5.70 carats and is the birthstone for the month of January. Very good clarity, perfect for a high end garnet gem stone pendant, priced at just 75 U.S$ ... more

[CTN03] A22 carat citrine gem with an innovative marquise shape. Notice that the color of this citrine gem has a liberal dose of orange. We call it the 'flame' colored citrine gem. Immaculately cut with precisely placed facets, to deliver awesome glitter. Impressive size at 21.40mm x 16.80mm x 12mm. Priced at just 600 U.S$ ... more.