[GT01] Green Tourmaline Gemstone, Oval

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Have you ever seen a green tourmaline and got the impression that there was too much of green in the gem? If this is true then, you would appreciate the yellowish green color of this gorgeous oval green tourmaline gemstone. Tourmaline is one of the few gems that is found in an array of colors with green and pink, being the most popular color shades. Recent years have seen the price of both pink and green tourmaline rising to new heights. There was a time when, green tourmaline was a very affordable gem, available and consumed in large volumes - things are no longer the same today. 

Attractive and clean tourmaline pieces like the GT01 oval gemstone, are generally purchased by gem lovers with deep interest and knowledge about gems. Mass produced jewelry is made to attract a wide market segment, the effort is to keep prices down. It is therefore obvious, that good quality green tourmaline is almost always set in single piece, high end jewelry. You could for example choose this oval green tourmaline gemstone and set it in a gorgeous gold or 925 silver ring. Siamhin is also well resourced in terms of fine jewelry production, so let us know if you need our help to make the jewel as well. 

The GT01 is a fine green tourmaline gemstone, substantially large and suitable for a jewel for a man or lady. Since the green shade of this tourmaline is kissed with a bit of yellow, the gem is bright enough to look awesome in a yellow or white metal. 

  • Gem: Green Tourmaline.
  • Shape: Oval.
  • Size: 9.70mm x 8.25mm x 4.5mm. 
  • Weight: 2.3 cts.

As can be seen from the above details, this green tourmaline is almost 10mm in length. The gem will get perfect exposure with a prong or bezel type of setting. Just make sure that the gemstone is firmly mounted without, any possibility of it loosening and falling off. 


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