[RGN01] Big Red Garnet Gemstone, Marquise 

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There was a time when it was thought that all garnets were red. Knowledge of gemstones increased and the subject soon developed into a science. It then became known that garnets were indeed a whole family of complex silicates, trace elements imparted different colors to them. Garnet the birthstone for the first month of the year January, is still the subject of debate. Many conservative purists believe that since, red was the only (known) color of garnet in ancient times, red garnet is the only birthstone for January. On the other hand, a more liberal attitude voices the opinion that since we are today sure, that garnets come in a range of colors like orange, green and even brownish yellow - the range of garnets as birth stones should be expanded. The Bible makes reference to a red gem named Carbuncle and with, limited knowledge of gems in those days - Carbuncle is today taken to mean both ruby and red garnet. This big garnet gemstone will look stupendous when framed in a gold or 925 silver garnet pendant. And if you like those swinging dangle earrings, match the stones and wear an entire garnet set. The team at Siamhin can get the entire gem set ready for you so, discuss requirements with them at sales@siamhin.com and ensure that, the color, cut and shape of all the gems matches. 

[RGN01] A large garnet gemstone, this marquise red garnet gem measures a substantial 15.7mm x 9.7mm and has a depth of 5.40mm. Excellent clarity and cut ensure that this garnet will look amazing in a gold or 925 silver gemstone pendant. Weighing 5.7 carats this gem is priced at 75 U.S$.

A clear image from the back side of the [RGN01] large garnet gem. You get a good view of the impressive clarity of the gemstone. 

Most of the antique garnet jewelry that you will come across would be made in silver, this trend continues today and seems to impart a classic timeless appeal to red garnets. Researchers have not managed to find an explanation for this affinity between garnet and silver but, we can guess an explanation. It is quite likely that the wealthy and powerful humans in the old days, could afford the brighter red ruby and gold - the general people made do with red garnets and silver. A perfect setting to showcase this gorgeous red garnet gem would be a pendant and a pair of dangling earrings, best done in silver. The gems for the earrings would obviously need to be a bit smaller than,  the large stone in the pendant. The Siamhin team will be glad to custom cut an entire gemstone set for you so, let us know of your ideas. 

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