[SBT01] Big Swiss Blue Topaz Heart Gem

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A large blue topaz heart gemstone measuring 12mm x 12mm. This is the bright blue version of topaz and is referred to as swiss blue topaz. Many jewelers seem to add blue topaz to the list of December birthstones but, we are not sure of any official agreement on that. If you are very particular about wearing a December birthstone we would suggest that, you stay with blue zircon, blue turquoise or tanzanite. This swiss blue topaz gem would make a tremendous pendant or even a glittering, look-at-me type of blue topaz ring. If you plan to wear a dazzling blue topaz earring and pendant set, choose 8mm x 8mm heart shaped swiss blue topaz for the earrings. And if you want to be absolutely sure that, the gems for the pendant and earring match each other in terms of shape, cut and color - email your requirements to our experts and they will recommend what is best for you. We can arrange for a complete set of matching gems to suit your purpose. 

[SBT01] Swiss Blue Topaz, 12mm x 12mm faceted heart gemstone. Very good clarity and immaculately cut. The depth of the gem is 7.70mm and the piece weighs a whole 7.25 carats. Price: 75 U.S$. 

The same stone photographed from the back, a clear view of the clarity seen in this heart swiss blue topaz gem. 

When evaluating the price for this gorgeous swiss blue topaz gem keep in mind that, this is a single piece gem that has been meticulously checked and selected by Siamhin experts. Wholesale prices that you might hear are generally quoted for big gem lots that can have around 500 to 2,000 carats of gems. And if you had to carefully screen through the large lot, you would find that no more than 5% of the total merchandise matches the quality specifications that we have described for the stone on this web page. It is for this very reason that, wholesale or bulk lot prices cannot be applied to hand picked fine quality stones. If you need more than one piece of this or any other gemstone, email us with details and we will provide information  related to availability and price. We will appreciate if our sourcing assistance is requested for unique or hard to find gems. We do not wish to get into large volume stone selling where, price is the only criteria for differentiation and evaluation. 

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