Top 10 Sterling Silver Rings 

There is a general belief that silver rings are somehow inferior as compared to their gold counterparts. Kaisilver experts have compiled this comprehensive report on 925 silver rings. Each of the silver rings shown in this report has been handpicked, to explain the versatility, beauty and superior workmanship that is possible for silver rings. Let us quickly add here that, Kaisilver the leading online jewelry provider maintains the same premium quality standards, for gold and silver rings. Silver and gold are both precious metals, it has been a convention that high quality or special occasion rings are generally crafted in gold. Silver rings have generally been reserved for casual wear, or 'costume' jewelry. The arrival of Kaisilver on the jewelry scene two decades ago, significantly increased respect and preference for the classic look of sterling silver. 

silver sapphire ring

A classic combination of vintage style and craftsmanship. Choose blue, white, pink or blue sapphires, rubies, emeralds or any gemstones of your choice for this sapphire silver ring with diamonds. This silver ring is sturdy and available in all sizes ... more

sterling silver claddagh ring

The most meaningful jewel in history, first made over 4 centuries ago by an Irish slave. Ring symbolizes love (heart), loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands). Kaisilver gold and silver claddagh rings retain all the essential elements of the historic ring ... more

925 Sterling Silver: Before we get into the various aspects of of silver rings, let us first explain the meaning of sterling silver or 925 silver as it popularly known. Pure silver or 100% silver is quite soft, something that does not make it suited for crafted silver rings that can withstand frequent of lengthy used. What is needed is a silver alloy that, has good hardness and can be crafted into jewelry. Experts have worked on a silver alloy that is a combination of silver and other metals. So this alloy would have a certain proportion of other metals and the balance is pure silver. What we need to understand is that the value of this silver alloy, would depend on the percentage of silver contained in the alloy. This is what lead to the need for a standard that would contain a precise, proportion for pure silver content in the alloy. The 925 silver standard was defined as an alloy that, would contain a minimum of 92.5% of pure silver. This standardization made it easier to track alloy hardness and price. So you now know what is meant by 925 silver or sterling silver when it comes to silver rings. Silver jewelry manufacturers, generally use the 925 stamp on their jewelry. This implies that the alloy contains 92.5% of silver. 

men's silver garnet ring

The majestic deep red garnet or a gem of your choice This 925 silver garnet ring for men is durable to  withstand frequent wear. Orange spessartite is also a gem choice. The ring can be ordered with a textured band or a plain high polished finish - all ring sizes ... more

silver gemstone ring

Kaisilver 925 silver rings, finely crafted with custom cut natural and certified gem. The sleek design is supported by an optimum silver weight, solid silver with no scooping inside the band. Choose a sapphire, ruby, tourmaline or any gem of your choice ... more

Ring Designs: At a technical level a silver ring design need not be any different than, the design for a gold ring. This is clearly visible from the fact that, all Kaisilver jewelry can be ordered in gold or 925 silver - each jewel irrespective of its metal, is finely handcrafted by some of Thailand's expert artisans. Technically there is no ring design that cannot be crafted in sterling silver, to high quality standards. We must talk about specific ring designs that, in fact get an added dose of attractiveness and class when crafted in sterling silver. An example would be the RG237 sapphire diamond ring on this web page, the design is a fusion of contemporary fine workmanship and elements of a more antique style. This crafted as a sterling silver ring, would look tremendously attractively - far more than its price tag would suggest. Another example would be the RG174 claddagh silver ring, the ring has a four century history and is widely regarded as history's most meaningful jewels. Symbolizing love, friendship and loyalty, this ring would have the same meaning when crafted in gold or 925 silver. You can read the Claddagh Ring Meaning report, to get to know more about this historic jewel. 

claddagh 925 silver ring

Another example of a fine silver heart ring, the centuries old claddagh ring shown with a red garnet. Order this sterling silver ring with the gemstone of your choice. Kaisilver claddagh rings are available in gold and sterling silver. Available for men and women ... more

silver claddagh ring for men

A hefty claddagh silver ring for men,  can be ordered with or without a gemstone. Built to last for decades, this sold silver men's claddagh ring symbolizes love, togetherness and loyalty. The ring is available in gold and 925 silver, all gemstone options ... more

Gemstone Rings: To begin with let us say that, silver gemstone rings can be crafted with natural gemstones. That many 925 silver rings are made with synthetic or imitation stones or low grade natural gems, has no technical explanation. We must admit that, many jewelry buyers have come to accept substandard sterling silver rings, expectations about gem quality, design and workmanship are low. We need to differentiate between low grade mass produced 925 silver rings and the finely crafted rings that Kaisilver offers. It is important for jewelry lovers to evaluate, Kaisilver silver rings by reviewing all parameters. Most people are aware that silver rings would require periodic cleaning and polishing. It is a good idea to consider whether the gems that you plan to choose for your silver ring, would withstand the cleaning process that the ring would go through. While most natural gems would not have a problem, you can always contact the team of Kaisilver experts at the email address provided below this report. This even if you plan to purchase your 925 silver ring from any other jeweler. We will always be glad to provide information and guidance - leaving the sale process aside. 

sterling silver men's ring

A tough and durable 925 silver men's ring shown with a barrel shape cut, citrine gemstone. This is a heavy ring comfortable to wear and long lasting. The MAN04 silver ring for men has a solid bad and is not scooped. Custom made in all ring sizes ... more

cat ring silver

For cutest cat silver ring, an awesome gift for cat and animal lovers. The design elements for this 925 silver ring, are detailed and amazingly rendered by Thailand's skilled artisans. You choose the center gem of your choice. The ring is available in gold and silver ... more

Plating And Tarnish: Important to talk about silver tarnish, a natural occurrence where, the surface of the metal gets faintly discolored on the surface. The silver is said to tarnish, the color discoloration can increase if the silver is not cleaned and polished. Tarnish is something that will always affect sterling silver rings, the good thing is it can be easily polished and taken off - if the cleaning process happens in the initial stages. Silver rings that have tarnish formation for a long time, often need professional cleaning. Cleaning a silver tarnish ring can be done with any jewelry grade, silver cleaning solution, fabric, powder or spray. In our opinion silver polishing fabrics and mild solutions work the best. To clean a silver ring under the gemstone area, use some clean water at room temperature, a tiny amount of mild liquid soap and a soft toothbrush. Give the ring a rinse in clean water or running water, just make sure that it does not slip from your fingers and go down the train. You also do not want your 925 silver ring to hit against the washing bowl or basin. Do not use blowers, hair dryers or still fabrics to dry a sterling silver ring that has been cleaned - gently dab the ring with a piece of dry, soft and clean cloth. You could then leave it on the soft cloth in a safe place, to completely dry out. 

Now let us talk about the anti-tarnish effect that silver platings are supposed to provide. You will hear jewelers tell you how plating a silver ring with rhodium, gold or even platinum plating, will prevent the development of tarnish. While there is a tiny element of truth in that claim, the fact is that the plating on a 925 silver ring will wear off with time. The wear off happens in patches which means that, your silver ring will have portions where the plating has come off and the silver underneath exposed. The result is that the ring will start tarnishing in the unplated portions. Cleaning the ring will not be an easy task and jewelers can do little besides, offering a re-plate and charging you for it. This is precisely why we at Kaisilver recommend that sterling silver rings not be plated. The simple cleaning process mentioned in the previous paragraph, can then be used to clean away thetarnish. Having said that, we leave the final decision to you and we will be glad to plate your silver ring if that is what you wish.   

antique silver ring

A multi gemstone silver ring with a classic antique style. Lavished with fine workmanship from skilled artisans in Thailand. You choose the gem in the center and the two pear shaped gems on the side. The design is perfect for 925 silver, made in all sizes ... more

silver jade ring for men

A men's  sterling silver ring with natural jadeite jade from Myanmar. This is a natural gem, no treatment procured by Kaisilver from the vicinity of the Burmese mining location. A heavy silver men's ring with green jadeite or any gemstone of your choice ... more

Silver Wedding Rings: Almost gone are the days when young couples would, splurge 2 or even 3 months of their income probably get into debt, just to pay for their wedding or engagement rings. A better understanding of the significance of matrimonial rings and a more responsible handle of financials, has increased the range of wedding and engagement rings that are being born today. Silver engagement rings are surely not as rare as they were a decade ago, focus is on gemstone or diamond, workmanship and durability. If you have read the paragraph above titled 'Ring Designs', you will understand the concept of certain ring designs, being very suited for the classic look of sterling silver. We will repeat that, any design that is contemporary or yesteryear classy, would look good and can be crafted to high standards in sterling silver. 925 silver wedding bands are surely they most popular with both men and women, easy to maintain and clean - wedding bands can be left plain or encrusted with gems or diamonds. Let us not forget the legendary claddagh ring in silver, the jewel is a deep meaning and a 4 century tradition symbolizing love, togetherness and loyalty. These are qualities that should lie at the root of any personal relationship - an engagement or wedding is surely the most solemn and important human relationship. 

Men's Silver Rings: Kaisilver expertly handcrafts over 200 high quality 925 silver men's rings each year. These are individual custom pieces and range from men's plain silver rings to those studded with a galaxy of gemstones ranging from blue topaz to natural certified sapphires. Men's diamond sterling silver with VS2 or SI1 grade diamonds are in demand. The idea is to allocate a large portion of the budget to the focus of the ring - the diamond. With the generally heavy nature of men's rings, metal weight and cost can strain a budget. The option of a premium quality men's silver ring with natural certified diamonds is a big draw. Stepping back from economic reasons for the growing interest in men's 925 silver rings, it is equally true that men love the classic and yet confident look of sterling silver. This is visible in the significant demand for both men's silver rings and bracelets. While men might not openly show it like women, modern men have taken a great liking for natural gemstones. This love for colored gems has grown the demand for men's gemstone rings in both gold and sterling silver. By opening up to superior silver rings, men have found a way to showcase a larger variety of natural gems in their jewelry collection. It is not uncommon to get high end jewelry orders in both gold and sterling silver, from the same client. 

Silver Ring Price: What is the price of a silver ring. The answer to that question is likely to be another question - exactly what quality of silver ring are you looking for. The entire discussion on 925 silver rings in this report, makes reference to high quality silver rings - each piece is meticulously handcrafted by some of Thailand's  finest artisans. Unlike mass produced silver rings, Kaisilver rings do not run through a mechanized process that is manned by machine operators. While most silver rings are crafted with fake gems or low quality natural stones, a gemstone silver ring from Kaisilver would be set with the same quality of gems that are used in our gold rings. So when you compare the $350 to $800 or even higher price of Kaisilver silver rings, with the $50 to $100 price of other jewelers - it is important that you make a feature to  feature comparison. While we have nothing against mass produced jewelry and feel that it is perfect to buy and wear them, we do not wish to compete or involve ourselves in that market segment. 

Custom Silver Rings: Very simply put a custom made 925 silver ring is about you - your likings, your design, your gem pick, your dimensions, your ring size - the focus is on you. Rings that are mass produced are meant to please mass markets, there is no attempt to cater to the complete interest of individual buyers. When you order a sterling silver ring from Kaisilver, you pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in 925 silver with your choice of gemstones. All design modifications are possible and we can even, craft your silver ring with a design provided by you. The same team of gem experts, jewelry artisans and quality control experts, that work on our gold jewelry, work on your sterling silver ring. This proves our commitment to quality, irrespective of the metal or gemstone selected. 

How To Buy: Kaisilver has a different approach to provide jewelry, we do not encourage rush purchases. We recommend that you communicate your requirements to our experts at . Each 925 silver ring shown on this web page has a short description and a link to the complete report. Also remember that, you can pick any ring from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or 925 silver. We can also craft your ring based on your design idea. There is no limitation on gemstone, you are free to request a gem that is not mentioned on our websites. Do not be in a hurry to place your order until you have all your questions answered by our team. Get all details and then make a well informed buying decision, it is perfectly okay if you end up purchasing your ring from another jeweler. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online provider for high end custom jewelry, Kaisilver has over the years built a clientele of over 12,000 quality conscious buyers across 15 nations. Networked to reputed gem mining and cutting operations all over the world, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that you consistently get the best gemstone at every price point. We craft all types of jewelry including rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuff links in gold or 925 silver. The same Kaisilver quality standards that have brought us global appreciation, are maintained for gold and silver jewelry. Get in touch with us at if you have any queries or requirements, related to gems and jewelry.