Thai Gems & Jewelry, Notes

The gems and jewelry industry in  Thailand is huge, this comes as no surprise as the nation is historically well known for its artisans. Gemstones from all over the world come here to get processed, cut and polished. Both gold and 925 silver jewelry are manufactured as per order. While China and India have now begun to compete with Thailand, the country still supplies a substantial volume of jewelry and gemstones to the world. In this section we cover various issues related to gemstones and jewelry. The information is quite general and will therefore be of interest to every jewelry lover. You will also come across reports that, discuss issues related to markets in this industry. 

wedding ring for men sapphire ruby

A collection of men's wedding rings in gold or 925 silver. Showcase two of the most sought after gemstones in history - ruby and sapphire. Men's wedding bands, large wedding rings and more. We can also craft your men's ring with a design provided by you, all ring sizes ... more.  

silver cat rings

Cat and animal lovers favorite, one of the most popular cat lovers gift handcrafted in gold or 925 silver. Center gemstone of your choice, custom made in all ring sizes. See the collection of cat rings from Kaisilver Thailand ... more.   

sterling silver rings

Finely crafted silver rings in sterling silver or gold. We explain the essentials of a high end 925 silver ring. Excellent examples of silver rings for men and women, this to inspire your ideas and understand the quality and versatility that we provide. Review the complete report ... more

wholesale jewlery Kaisilver

The wholesale sterling silver jewelry market has changed, with buyers become more aware and knowledgeable, it is important for silver jewelry factories to change and adapt. We provide useful information related to wholesale silver jewelry, high utility tips have also been included ... more