Gemstone Wedding Rings For Men 

Two of the most popular for men's gemstone wedding rings are ruby and sapphire. Interestingly both these gems are close cousins, coming from the same mineral family - corundum. Men would generally wear their wedding ring often and lifelong. The choice of ruby and blue sapphire for a men's wedding ring has some interesting reasons. In this report we will talk about what makes these two gems so very popular with men. The fact is that both men and women, love these gemstones. We will also introduce you to some tremendous ruby and sapphire wedding rings. Use them as guidelines for your selection, no sales talk in this report. If you need more information, click the link against each item and read the detailed report. 

men's sapphire wedding ring

Though diamonds are not mandatory in a men's sapphire wedding ring, the glittering stone does add that extra glitter. The MAN64s men's sapphire ring is handcrafted in gold or 925 silver. A wedding ring can be crafted with your own design idea ... more

ruby wedding ring for men

The queen of the gemstone world, ruby symbolizes lover, status and power. Men's wedding rings with ruby or sapphire are generally ordered with modest gem sizes, this is mainly due to the high price point of these rare gemstones 14k/18 gold ... more

There is no doubt that gem and jewelry lovers today are keen to learn, the history and customs attached to the gems that they wear. Ruby and sapphire showcase some of the most amazing folklore and customs. Ruby often referred to as the queen of the gemstone world, symbolizes love and affection - two qualities that are at the root of any successful relationship. Sapphire the king of the world of gems denotes sincerity and truth - once again qualities that are at the heart of a successful relationship. So there is little doubt that a men's gemstone wedding ring with ruby or sapphire, would be perfect to mark one of the most important relationship in life. 

ruby and sapphire wedding ring for men

Luxury at the next level, a big wedding ring for men - blue sapphire in the center, a row of rubies and a row of white sapphires. You can obviously order this men's ruby and sapphire ring with any gem combination. A truly extravagant look ... more

wedding band for men with sapphire ruby

A classy men's band with sapphires, ideal for men who lead a very active lifestyle and prefer keeping their ring as manageable as possible. Modest band width but surely not narrow. Band width of the ring is a minimum of 8mm - ruby or sapphire ... more

Now a few things about the physical properties of sapphire and ruby that make it suited for durable rings. No secret that men do not take as much care of the jewelry that they wear as women! It is therefore important for a men's wedding ring to be designed, configured and crafted to be long lasting - basically the ring will need to take substantial care of itself! Both sapphire and ruby are natural conditions that are less than ideal, they are put through high temperatures and pressure beneath the earth's surface. The two gems come second in hardness to only diamond - we must tell you that diamond is the hardest known, naturally formed substance known to humans. So when you pick either a sapphire or ruby gemstone for your men's wedding ring, the gem should not be a cause for worry. Having said that, it is true that gem durability is not the only feature that determines the durability of a jewel. We  will be talking more about this as we move ahead in this report. 

ruby band for men

Get that precious look at a reasonable price tag, a ruby band for men perfect for a men's wedding ring. A ruby or sapphire will pair well with this design concept. This is a sturdy men's band, handsome metal (weight) all ring sizes available ... more 

men's sapphire band

A men's wedding band expertly handcrafted in gold or 925 silver, choose a ruby or sapphire gemstone. For the sapphire wedding band, you have a choice of yellow, pink, green  or blue sapphire. Custom made in all ring sizes, all band width options ... more

Conventionally it was about men's wedding bands but, like other conventions they have outgrown their days. Simply put, there is no specific design that is 'perfect' for a wedding ring. But the fact is that, choosing a wedding band to mark the solemn and important occasion, does have a deep rooted significance. Stylists and even family counselors agree that, keeping some similarity in a pair of 'his and her' wedding rings, is a good decision. Wedding bands are great for doing just that, the rings would differ in dimensions but have the overall concept of a wedding band. Just remember that, it is not essential for the man's wedding band, to have the same metal, gold color or gemstone as her ring. 

sapphire diamond wedding ring for men

A hefty sapphire wedding ring for men, a handpicked ruby or sapphire in the center and an optimized metal weight. It is interesting to note that men, are shifting towards sterling silver wedding rings. You get the same superior quality for both metals ... more

ruby gold ring for men wedding

Ruby a symbol of love and affection, a favorite gem with couples across the globe. As rare and expensive as blue sapphire. A classy wedding ring for men with one of the rarest gemstones of all time. Can craft a men's wedding ring with your design ... more

When choosing a men's gemstone wedding ring, consider the option to pick a birthstone ring. Going by an ancient practice, each of us makes a special connect to a specific gem - this is based on our birth date. The present birthstone charts designate a (one or more) birthstone, based on the month in which a person was born. Adding a birthstone to a men's wedding ring is an excellent idea, it adds more significance and meaning to the occasion. Talking about gemstone wedding rings, it would be even better if the 'his and her' birthstones are exchanged in the wedding rings. These just an idea and the final choice should be yours.  

This report would not be complete without talking about men's wedding rings in gold or silver. If you thought that gold is the only choice for wedding rings - we would like to say that, times have changed. The days when designs for wedding rings were limited to a small bunch of styles or when, every wedding ring had to include a diamond or when, silver was 'no no' for wedding rings are officially over. While lavish gemstone, diamond and gold wedding rings for men, give us a better profit margin, young couples have grown a lot smarter. There is a growing demand for men's 925 silver wedding rings. It is important to mention that, the quality of a silver men's wedding rings need to be high. Most men would not be happy with a silver ring that is mass produced with, no possibility of customization. This probably explains why Kaisilver gets a large proportion of orders for men's 925 silver rings. Kaisilver crafts men's wedding rings in gold and silver, with the same superior standards. Each ring is completely custom made which means, that you can pick just about any ring from our websites and requested for them to be crafted in silver (or gold) with your choice of gemstone. We will be equally glad to craft your men's gemstone wedding ring with your own design idea. We leave the choice of a gold or silver gemstone wedding ring to you, just rest assured that quality will not be compromised for your silver ring. 

How To Order: We keep repeating on all our websites that, high end custom made jewelry should not be purchased in a hurry. Take your time and put all your requirements and preferences together, contact the Kaisilver expert team at . Each item on this ring has a link to a detailed report, review it and get in touch with our team if you need any clarification. We can craft any ring from our website or even your own design, in gold or silver with the gem selection of your choice. The gem that you choose need not be mentioned on our websites, we will procure any gem from any corner of the globe for your ring.  

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