Silver Jewelry Wholesale

If you hear about wholesale silver jewelry not doing too well, reality is a bit different. The fact is that the jewelry buyer at the consumer level, has become more knowledgeable about gemstones and jewelry. This has triggered a demand for quality, variety and excitement. The days when wholesale sterling silver jewelry sellers, made money selling low quality merchandise with reject quality gems are officially over.  

wholesale silver rings jewelry

Few Thai jewelry manufacturers have managed to keep up with this change, this explains why a large number of jewelry factories in the country have shutdown. At a very basic level, jewelry buyers are better appreciating natural gemstones. This is a big shift from the time when, imitation and synthetics pleased jewelry lovers. Wholesale 925 silver jewelry buyers, should now explore various natural gemstones. Exotics like ruby, sapphire and emerald are generally seen in more expensive gold options but, featuring these gems in silver pieces is bound to draw some serious buyer interest. 

Wholesale jewelry sellers are vying for a mature market that is saturated with jewelry providers, differentiation is the key to success. An ideal wholesale sterling silver jewelry buying plan should include, variety in every sense of the term. Gemstones, designs, styles, dimensions and even overall weight of the jewels should cover a wide range. 

Sterling silver jewelry factories are complaining about, smaller volume orders - but then, they seem to be missing the point. A smart wholesale silver jewelry buying plan, should cover variety and limit depth. In simple terms this means, buying more designs and more featured gems without, buying too much of any specific SKU. 

We mentioned about the 'excitement' that jewelry enthusiasts are looking for, how does this relate to wholesale silver jewelry buyers. The existing supply chain defines wholesalers and retailers, the final consumer is the final recipient of the jewelry. Buyers are impressed with hard facts, folklore and customs in the gems that they wear. Facts like, tanzanite being 1,000 times rarer than a diamond or ruby symbolizing love, affection and power are important stories that can help sell jewelry.  It is important that these stories get carried down from wholesalers and retailers. This might not be easy but it is surely something, that will have a positive impact on sales. 

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry, Top Tips:

  • Customers are expecting natural gemstones, fakes have fallen in demand. 
  • Wholesale silver jewelry should focus on variety. 
  • Shallow buying per SKU will effectively reduce unsold inventories. 
  • It is possible to include exotic gems like ruby and sapphire in wholesale jewelry. 
  • Wholesale sterling silver rings and pendants have a good market.
  • It might be a good idea to include a few silver earrings, bracelets and even necklaces. 
  • Simpler and uncomplicated designs are generally suited for formal and informal occasions.
  • Thailand still offers some excellent options for wholesale 925 silver jewelry. 

Kaisilver: While Kaisilver provides high end custom jewelry, unique pieces finely handcrafted in Thailand - we also execute wholesale silver jewelry orders in our second production facility. Designs can be provided by you and prices are worked out based on design, silver weight and volume. Get in touch with our experts at if you have any requirements.