[YSAP05] Yellow Sapphire Oval Gemstone

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It is now known that sapphires are found in an array of colors, the myth of all sapphires being blue is quickly coming to an end. With centuries and decades of blue sapphire reigning supreme, knowledgeable style gurus agree that the blue beauty has become just too common. Buyers are realizing that there is more to sapphire besides blue, they now seek to add a wider dash of color to their sapphire collection. Siamhin responds with the introduction of a select handpicked collection of yellow sapphire gems. Gem dealers and manufacturers are fully away that, we do not pick entire lots that include - good and bad gems.. Our experts carefully review every single gem before releasing it into our stock. 

Yellow sapphire is an awesome some, good glitter and good color but, that is not always the case. Very little of this gem actually comes with good clarity and few or no inclusions. This gemstone is quite abundant in sizes below a carat, it can still be found without much difficulty when the size is within the two carat range. We have made a sincere attempt to stay off the beaten track and set up some challenging work for our team - most gems that we present are in the 3 carat and above price range. The gems have been out through the heat treatment process, this is done to bring out the best color and clarity possible. We will also try to fulfill specific requirements made by visitors to our website so, let us know if there is some hard to find stone that you are seeking - our team at sales@siamhin.com will get back to you with details. 

Fine glitter for this large 10x8mm yellow sapphire gemstone, the stone has a depth of 4.7mm and a weight of 3.68 carats. Natural oval sapphire gem heated to improve the beauty of the stone, priced at just 490 U.S$.

Impressive clarity especially if you consider the fact that, this is a large yellow sapphire gemstone with a 3.68 carat weight. Perfectly suited for a sapphire engagement or wedding ring but, priced moderately enough to be worn as a casual wear office jewel. 

The fact that blue sapphire was known for many thousand years has obviously supported a very high price for the gemstone. Gemology has today developed into a science, unlike people in the ancient days we know for sure today that, sapphire is naturally formed in colors other than blue too. This has made many seasoned gem lovers turn to interesting variations in gems like sapphire and tourmaline, you can therefore see a gradual increase in the demand for yellow sapphire. More specifically, yellow sapphires that weigh 3 carats and above, are gradually moving out of the middle price range. And as we keep seeing this sapphire in formal jewelry, it is easy to understand that they will enter a market that can comfortably support a higher price point. We would therefore recommend that you invest in yellow sapphire that features a big size, good clarity and little or no color zoning. The price is definitely moderate at this point of time but, will not remain that way in the years to come. 

Buying: Our experts at sales@siamhin.com will be glad to clear any doubts or questions that you might have. Do not be in a hurry to confirm the purchase, make sure that you have all the information necessary to make a well informed buying decision. Our sales team is evaluated based upon the quality of advice that they provide and not on, the volume of sales orders that they bring in. Once you have all the information, pick a gem provider that makes you feel comfortable, Siamhin is surely not the only source and we could in any case, not handle all gem requirements. 

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