[YSAP17] Yellow Sapphire Big Oval Gem

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So just how large should a  natural sapphire gem be to classify it as 'big'. Let us presume that you are talking about a big yellow sapphire with good clarity and good color spread across the stone. A gem weight of around 3-3.5 carats would be the beginning of the 'big' size range. Sapphires are growing rarer and therefore getting to be more expensive. As mining continues at a frantic pace, the quality of the mined stone also keeps dropping, each round of mining picks up the 'best' material available. When it comes to sapphire and ruby, good clarity, color and size in the same gem means, that you should be paying a hefty premium for the gem. Siamhin is in the process of setting up an online gem store, that assembles gems with unique and impressive features. The collection takes time to build since, the selection process is quite long and complex. Gem miners and manufacturers frequently, compete with each other to sell their merchandise to us. This obviously means that prices are always attractive and we ensure that, this price benefit is passed on to our clients. 

Sapphires have been heated for many centuries, humans learnt that heating the gem can increase its clarity and also improves its color. Gemstone experts therefore, accept the heating of sapphire and ruby as the effects of the treatment are permanent. The big yellow sapphire shown on this page, is rare as it brings together a large gem size and high clarity in one single gem. Sapphires rank just second to diamonds in terms of hardness and diamonds, hit a complete 10 on the Mohs scale used to measure hardness. This means that, setting this gem in a gorgeous gold, silver or platinum ring for a lady, is a great idea. While we will strongly recommend that, you do not let your yellow sapphire ring get struck by physical impact, the gem can generally look after itself with a little help from the wearer. If you wish to wear it for a special occasion like an engagement or wedding, you can consider having the entire gem bordered with small glittering diamonds. This design concept might bring up visions of the stupendous sapphire diamond engagement rings, worn by the late Lady Diana and later by Kate Middleton when she married Diana's son. And don't forget that a big sapphire ring would look terrific for a stylish male too. The yellow color of sapphire can never be loud and flashy, it is always an elegant and confident yellow that enhances the personality of the wearer. 

A big oval yellow sapphire gemstone with a size of 11.4x9.3mm and a depth of 4.3mm. The weight of this amazing natural heated yellow sapphire gem from Madagascar is 4.3 carats. This large yellow sapphire oval gem is reasonably priced at just 850 U.S$. 

It is not only the sheer size of this 4.3 carat sapphire gem that makes it a great buy, the YSAP17 yellow sapphire gemstone has tremendous clarity and a fine color spread to show as well. This image taken from behind the gem makes that very clear. 

If you are interested in purchasing this large, oval sapphire gem which happens to be a shade larger than 11x9mm, take a moment to consider something important. What do you plan to do with the gem, it is a big rare stone which would look even more gorgeous, if set in a well designed and crafted ring. With the classic statement that this gem makes, not much of detail and frills are required for the design but,  the choice is always yours. A gold or silver ring or a gorgeous sapphire pendant are some of your options. And if you wish to encrust this large yellow sapphire gem in a pendant and complete the look with a set of matching earrings, discuss your requirements with our support experts at sales@siamhin.com . We can custom cut the entire set together to ensure that, the stones match in terms of color, shape and cut. 

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